Tóxica – Egoísmo Autodestructivo

397494_541375299294284_1946791963_n Argentinian thrash metal.


I’m just gonna let that sit up there by itself because it’s an odd statement all on its own. Tóxica has brought forth an EP that is electrifying to the touch and brings energy and adrenaline to whoever listens to it. Now I will say that I’ve no idea in the world what was being said for the entire album, it doesn’t matter because this EP was fantastic simply because of the pure thrash metal that is being played. This is an intense EP that I really enjoyed because I like to think that I listen to a lot of thrash metal so I have an idea of what I’m fucking talking about. But “Egoísmo Autodestructivo” has great sound that is sure to induce mosh pits if they find the right crowd and the vocals are intensely fast along with the guitars and drums that literally hearken back to the golden days of thrash when all types of it would make you feel like you could punch someone in the face because of the adrenaline it gave you whenever you listened to it. And that’s great! Thrash metal should be like that because that’s what it was founded on and should continue to be as long as it’s around and Tóxica has continued this tradition.


LISTEN to “Egoísmo Autodestructivo” on YouTube here.

LIKE Tóxica on Facebook here.


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