Stormcast – Frame of Mind

PromoImage (3) Tell you what, when a band can get together, “throw” up a debut album, and make it sound badass, I’m one fucking happy metal-head. Stormcast has just released their debut “Frame of Mind” and it is one of those that makes me happy that my top albums of the year list isn’t set in stone yet because now I have to go back and contemplate if this is worthy enough to knock a few off. But that’s later and you’re not even supposed to know about that so shh. “Frame of Mind” is as if someone took melodic death metal and atmospheric black metal and smashed them together. Actually no. That is what happened with this album and I like it! It’s like they’ve made their own little genre like A Breach of Silence making powercore a thing. Atmos-melodic blackened death metal?? I don’t fucking know I’m sure there’s someone out there who gets paid for this kind of shit. But that’s not the fucking point here. The goddamn point is that “Frame of Mind” has brutal vocals that don’t let up, badass guitars that go all across the metal spectrum, and drums that have an absolute mammoth beat the entire album. So in case you can’t infer, this album is definitely one to get because of the sheer variety and creativity that went into making this because this isn’t something that you just think of randomly when eating breakfast on Sunday. This is an album that has required the mastery of metal and taking that and shaping it into something fucking awesome like this! And goddamn it, you can bet your ass that I’ll be all over Stormcast’s sophomore album whenever it comes out.


LISTEN to “Frame of Mind” on Spotify here.

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FOLLOW Stormcast on Twitter : @stormcastband

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