Attic – Seasons

a1717819203_10 Technical and melodic death metal? . . . take my money. Just take my goddamn money. I really really like it when death metal bands put a little bit more of that “something” into their music because it makes it much more interesting. Like Despite. I love Despite because their melodic death metal is really nice and it has that fluid brutality and rhythm that Attic also share in “Seasons” and that made this album extremely enjoyable for me. Each song started off differently and lead to something different every time and that gave the album a sort of longevity that I liked and no doubt a lot of other people out there can enjoy. Everything from the vocals to the drums and guitars have a fast and harsh sound that is just really well done. If you’ve heard Despite, want a little variety in your death metal, or just want something different then go listen to Attic because I assure you that it will complete one of those things that I’ve listed. And more good news – Attic are already underway with their next album that will be titled “Mountains” according to their Bandcamp page. As far as I know they just have a title and that’s it. No release though, of course.


LISTEN to “Seasons” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Attic on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Attic on Twitter : @attic_band


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