Phobiatic – Fragments of Flagrancy

COVER Ahhh, technical death metal you say? Well count me in! Goddammit I love it when bands are able to go back to the old school roots of death metal while keeping it fresh and ultra-badass with their special listen spin. And Phobiatic’s spin on their new album “Fragments of Flagrancy” is fucking great! The vocals have an absolutely brutal and raw feel to them that are very evident along with the guitars and drums that are taken to extreme lengths to create an atmosphere of shear brutality that is hard to master in such an old school fashion that you just don’t see it often any more but Phobiatic have done it with this album. They have taken technical metal and fused it with catchy death metal to the point where your ears bleed if you’re playing it loud enough, but you’d most likely be enjoying it if it’s that loud. But overall, “Fragments of Flagrancy” is an album that would not surprise me if I see it on some top death metal album lists out there, I’d be surprised if it weren’t on a few. Personally, this album is close but it’s not quite there but it is definitely a great album that is certainly one to check out.


LISTEN to “Fragments of Flagrancy” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Phobiatic on Facebook here.


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