Zaltana (self-titled)

Zaltana-Scenes-Of-Cruelty It’s really nice when you come across something, or it comes across you, and that something happens to be fan-fucking-tastic. Today that little something is Zaltana’s debut self-titled album. And let me tell you for those of you who like you’re death metal but want a really awesome spin on it then this is the shit for you! Zaltana has brought to the table a female vocalist (so there’s something different already) that can take her voice all over the place from the deep hardcore to more a much more melodic sound that brings metalcore into the mix, but not to the point where it’s overpowering to those of you who don’t have a feel for the metalcore so no need to fear. This album is totally original to the very beat and that makes this album a literal hurricane of fresh air that blows the dust that was gathering on the variety of death metal albums I’ve been listening to lately. Zaltana is something great that the people of death metal and beyond need to know about I feel like. It’s a debut album that shows the potential and talent that this band has and that can lead to many great things in their future and the future of later bands that are to become the staples of their respective genres. Who knows what’ll happen?


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