In Torment – Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations

10511219_732890986768121_2292040619049679262_n Death metal? Check. Country I don’t normal hear bands from (Brazil today)? Check. Brazilian death metal? . . . come again? It’s not very often that you find death metal bands that get out into the world from places like Brazil, but in this case In Torment managed to find its way to my email inbox and then later impress me. The fact that this is the band’s third full length album it makes me wonder why I haven’t heard of them before since they definitely seem to have a very firm grasp and understanding of what it means to be a death metal band. They’ve got the hard and brutal vocals that all death metal bands have, the guitars that always cause head-banging to commence, and drums that pound along a vicious beat throughout the entire album. And I absolutely love the album cover. Plenty of colors, oddity, and it catches your eye where you go “the fuck is that” when you first see it. Which is good because the album is as good as its cover so it doesn’t leave people like me (someone who can enjoy almost all types of metal) disappointed. Overall, “Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations” (say that ten times fast) is a solid death metal album that will leave you giving the thumbs up in approval as it did with me.


WATCH the official video for “The Unnatural Conception” on YouTube here.

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