Consumption – The Divine Ruination

Consumption - The Divine Ruination - cover This is the third time I’ve done a review for Consumption and I have got to say that they have continued to impress each and every fucking time. For those of you who haven’t read the other two reviews (which I bet there a quite a few of you) then you should know that this band is on the most extreme end that I know of of the deathcore and metalcore spectrums, and I imagine that those of you who actually can listen to this kind of music every day with no problem will absolutely love “The Divine Ruination”. This extremely dark and brutal piece of work is something that is almost a requirement to have the lyrics right in front of you because even I had the hardest time trying to understand what in the fuck was being said. I remember the last review I did for Consumption was a single very well, even though that single is included in this album but that’s beside the point. The point is is that the single was raw and brutal as all hell and the same exact thing goes for the full album which is amazing for its genre. If you want something dark, hardcore, and more raw than a cold uncooked steak then listen to “The Divine Ruination” when it busts into stores on January 6th of (naturally) next year.


LISTEN to the single “Induction” on YouTube here, and “Seven Instruments” here.

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