Panikk – Unbearable Conditions

a0705333551_10 It’s been a while since I’ve heard a real, true, and 100% organic sounding thrash metal album and I wouldn’t rather have it come in the form any other than in the form of a band’s debut fucking album because debuts (as I’m sure you know) always set the tone for future albums and this tone is really fucking awesome. “Unbearable Conditions” is a fast paced and raw thrash metal album that I really enjoyed since I’m big into the ol’ thrash and any band that can replicate that sound gets an automatic two thumbs up from me because yes! And Panikk has earned these two thumbs pointed to the skies because this whole debut in its entirety is a very, very excellent thrash metal album that is surely a great prelude to other great releases from this band who have a true sense of underground thrash which is unfortunately not as present anymore, but Panikk is another such band who has continued this tradition of keeping the thrash alive and well with this great, great album that will no doubt satiate you thrash metal fans out there for a while.


LISTEN to “Unbearable Conditions” on Bandcamp here.

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