The Artisan/Every Minute Can Kill – Darker Days EP

1464133_921733277855821_1539928636069653206_n I’ve honestly never heard of a split album, but now that I do and have heard one I’ve come to find that they can be really, really nice. The new split EP “Darker Days” from bands The Artisan and Every Minute Can Kill that comes out on this Tuesday (December 2nd) is definitely one that any metalcore out there should have on their radar. Even though the version that I got to listen to wasn’t 100% finished according to the bands, it’s close enough to the way they want it where they gave it out to us press people in good conscious. Both bands have 2 songs to their own and then combine their might for the 3rd track as a transition from The Artisan to Every Minute Can Kill. The overall style is the same which is more or less your typical metalcore with of course the few unique touches that both bands bring to the table for this EP which is higher in quality than some other metalcore albums I’ve heard in my life that weren’t . . . desirable to a lot of people. But “Darker Days” most likely won’t be that way because the entirety of it has great everything; sound, guitars, drums, theme. You get the idea. It should be especially good for fans of both of these bands because it shows what their combined might is like and what kind of music they’re working on now which is always good. Again, this Tuesday. It coincides with AC/DC so get hyped.


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One thought on “The Artisan/Every Minute Can Kill – Darker Days EP

  1. Every Minute Can Kill – Mix Norma Jean, Every Time I Die, with a seasoning of the Misfits, and tie 15 tons to it so that it is extra heavy.

    The Artisan – Mix Unearthed, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Killswitch Engage, and stir with a “I don’t give a —-” spoon.

    Been listening to heavy music for 25 years, this is by far the best music I have heard come out in a long time.

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