Redacted- Alien Nation

a3859955451_10 Now this is just a demo so don’t shit your pants after reading the album name and just go “Well fuck! Another previously respected band has turned to this bullshit topic!” because (1) there’s no such thing as a bullshit topic for metal, (2) if you think like that you’re fucking stupid, and (3) this is just a demo… Redacted may not continue making alien-themed music or maybe they will. Either way – get over it. Now, “Alien Nation” is actually pretty good compared to what demos I’ve heard before and from that first judgement of the album which is pretty basic for what it is. This is a death and thrash metal album too, and while sometimes that doesn’t always work out and with this topic being a careful one to maneuver around, I was pretty skeptical about how good this could be, but it all worked out very nicely in the end. The vocals were solid, the guitars were fast and brutal just as the vocals were, and the drums had a fantastic beat the entire time which is always good. I would certainly be interested in what Redacted can do in their future when they fine tune their music and find more interesting rhythm and themes to make music about, but for now “Alien Nation” is a good enough album for us to have until that day comes.


LISTEN to “Alien Nation” on Bandcamp here.

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