Cold Snap – World War 3

PromoImage (1) From Eclipse Records once more we have another fantastic fucking album. I’ve heard their latest releases from badass bands like A Breach of Silence and Our Last Enemy, and now they have another awesome band added to their ranks and that is Cold Snap. Just looking at the album cover is a good sign that this album was going to be pretty fucking heavy and that it would sound hopefully great. In the bio for Cold Snap, it is said that they are influenced by greats like Disturbed, Korn, and Rage Against the Machine, and I can tell you with a full smile on my face that “World War 3” takes those bands’ best attributes and smashed them together and out came this. The album has the heavy rhythmic sound of Disturbed, the in-your-goddamn-face feel and vocals of Rage, and the innovation of Korn shows its face from time to time. Now I love all these bands, and I imagine you people to do too if not just one or two of them, and when I heard this I could hear the similarities right there and it was a fantastic thing to behold. Each and every song from this 12-track beast of an album has a surprise at each and every song whether it be the combination of vocals and guitars in “Rise Again”, the length of “My Emptiness”, or the passive aggressiveness of “Unleash Me”. And being from Croatia and with the signing with Eclipse being the biggest thing for Cold Snap in years, they haven’t really been able to get their music out there among the world to people like me who would absolutely love this shit and would love to no end for more albums in the future because they can only go up from here if they continue down the path their going now. “World War 3” comes out in January of next year, and you can get a taste of the album by going to the YouTube link below and listening to the single “Rise Again”.


LISTEN to “Rise Again” on YouTube here.

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