Vengeance Within – Deifying the Human Intellect

1780999_889315287759684_2811927308454917205_o What happens when we mix in the same record different styles such as Black, Death and maybe, I would even say, a little bit of Atmospheric essence? It happens that it surprises us. And they, Vengeance Within, have succeeded to create this magic in only one album, called “Deifying the Human Intellect”. A really good CD for any extreme metal music lover, with very good calibration on guitar harmonies, and really elaborated techniques that mix complex riffs with a marked rhythmic base. The velocity of the drums is brutal, and its variations are really good, above all when guitars don’t change their melodies but the drums change the rhythm. It changes completely how you feel about the song, making you feel angry where you before felt nostalgic. This is something unusual in a band. In almost every song there are some parts where the bass needs more attention, above all when guitars change from clean to distortion channel. Something that would also need this band is much more volume on the voice because sometimes it’s difficult to understand the lyrics. However, the vocalist’s power and technique in the growls is really impressive. His melodic voice is also really good; it made me feel a shiver in the parts when the voice unfolds and he sings melodic. This band has succeeded to make a brutal and yet melancholic album, making us feel a lot of different feelings at the same time.


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