Coraxo – Starlit Flame II

a1761281201_10 Mixing together death metal and techno is always a risky thing to do if you’re going for a wide audience because you gotta get the balance perfect while still having that awesome feel that the bands are always aiming for, but so far the only band to truly succeed in my eyes is Coraxo with their latest album “Starlit Flame II”. There is more death metal than techno from what I heard from the album and that balance was spot on because it gave a fresh feel to it without making it sound like some new experiment from Skrillex or one of those groups. I honestly liked everything from this album from the vocals to that very odd cover art, and I don’t think there’s a reason in the world for someone who listens to both death metal and techno can’t find at least one thing to like about “Starlit Flame II” because it really is a new take on death metal that’s both interesting and not overpowering. And with this being only their second album, Coraxo still has plenty to come up with I’m sure, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they can do the same exact thing with this album. Maybe they’ll even make it better. Who knows? We’ll find out when they make it.


LISTEN to “Starlit Flame II” on Bandcamp here.

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