Synodik – A Matter Of Perception

PromoImage For those of you who don’t even know how to imagine atmospheric metal let me explain it to you like this : it’s basically your normal metal pertaining to whatever sub-genre the band specializes in with the added sound of whatever other instruments the band thinks compliments the metal at certain points whether it be a piano, violin, or anything else they come up with. I could definitely tell that there were some of those kinds of instruments used in Synodik’s upcoming album “A Matter Of Perception” and they actually worked really, really well. The albums consists of only three songs, but as expected the first one is sort of an introductory track at only 1 whole minute, and the other two go beyond 7 minutes. That is almost to be expected when you look at an album with that many tracks. Doesn’t always apply but it did today. Synodik combined death metal and that same exact atmospheric sound to create an album that like I said sounded really nice. It was more death metal than atmospheric so all you purists out there can calm your ass down before getting all flabbergasted over nothing. The death metal was great, and the atmospheric factor was great, so there is absolutely no reason in the world to me that if you like both that you wouldn’t like “A Matter Of Perception”, unless you just don’t like one or the other then it’s total understandable. But otherwise you should like this album when it comes out because it has great vocals, guitars, drums, and everything else in between to the point where I just might buy the album when it comes out on the 13th of January of next year.


LISTEN to the track “When The Parallels Fall” on YouTube here.

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