Skull Koraptor – Dead Ahead

1948024_613404328741677_1420671729_n There seems to be a rise in Greek bands deciding to make thrash metal, that or I’ve just been oblivious to the thrash metal scene in Greece like the black metal scene in India. And Skull Koraptor is one of those Greek thrashers that have recently caught my attention; not just because they emailed me but that’s besides the point. Skull Koraptor’s debut EP “Dead Ahead” is an impressive debut that clearly shows the band’s expertise in the thrash metal genre and what their future albums can be like whenever they come out. Each of the four songs from “Dead Ahead” are filled with fast-paced metal that I’ve no doubt all you thrash metal addicts out there will almost never get tired of simply because of the vocals, guitars, and drums which are all 100% tradition thrash metal material that will surely be a huge part of later work. And at the end of the day, “Dead Ahead” is one solid EP that is absolutely acceptable to even the most hardened and critical thrash metal fan out there who loves to judge any and all patrons of the genre.


LISTEN to “Dead Ahead” in full on YouTube here.

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