Decaying – One To Conquer

a1071898199_10 Oh, how I wish this album was on Spotify because I’d listen to this every single day. “One To Conquer” is a badass death metal album that absolutely blew me away because of how great it was. Normally, death metal sounds awesome, but Decaying has taken that and amplified it greatly when making this album. This entire album is probably one of my more favorite normal death metal albums since it has the brutality and dark theme that all of them do, but this album just takes that to a whole different level while having a more rhythmic pace to it that some do. And to add more awesomeness to the mix, Decaying has given this album that great old school sound to it that I know thousands of millions of you out there are clinging to for almost dear life, so your appetite for that sound will be satiated for a small amount of time. And everything about “One To Conquer” is to be marveled at: the vocals, guitars, drums, theme, cover art; everything. So if you like your old school death metal with a lengthy song (in this case 10 minutes) then Decaying’s latest piece is 100% for you, and if it’s not for you then listen to it anyway.


LISTEN to “One To Conquer” on Bandcamp here.

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