Amken – Adrenaline Shot

Adrenaline Shot Artwork “Adrenaline Shot” is Amken’s debut EP as a thrash metal band from Greece that certainly looks a doozy just from looking at the cover art. This EP, as you may have already guessed, is an album that incorporates what I know some people to call “horror thrash” which is exactly what it sounds like: thrash metal with a horror theme to it. And while it’s not as fast as some other thrash metal bands I know, Amken still has that electric feel to them that all bands of the genre have and carry throughout the albums which gives each song a fast-paced feel to it that many people out there (including myself) have come to love over the years and Amken just fuels that love even more with this EP. And even if you don’t normally listen to the ol’ thrash metal I still highly suggest this because that’s not “soft” but it’s definitely not the more hardcore thrash out there in the world so it’d be a nice intro to the genre other than bands like (for lack of better example) Metallica.


LISTEN to the preview for “Adrenaline Shot” on YouTube here.

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