Dead On TV – Creeper

a0738221603_10 Sometimes punk rock isn’t all raw and harsh screaming that sounds like something you’d expect the very angry people of the world to be singing. Sometimes it has actually a positive feel to it and something that will lift your spirits even if the actual meanings of the songs aren’t exactly user-friendly from time to time, that’s what Dead On TV’s newest album “Creeper” is to me. It puts a positive sounding twist on punk rock but still keeping the same “vulgarity” as other punk bands, and I know this is a fact because just look at the track list for this album . . . one of the tracks is titled “Pornography” which is not exactly the most nice of names you can give a song. Each of the songs had a great beat to them that any rock band out there can be proud of making because these are genuinely good sounding music that Dead On TV has made and is something that other bands have tried to make and haven’t succeeded (in the eyes of the public majority). And everything about this album is great for any casual rock lover because it’s not too heavy, too soft, and like I said it has a great sound that I’m sure all you true blue rock fans will love to a certain degree, and if not . . . listen to it again.


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