Rats Blood – Low Life

LP_grzbiet.cdr Been a lot of hardcore punk coming in lately .  .  . but that’s far from bad because this is the good end of punk music, and Rats Blood’d newest album “Low Life” is no exception. This 13-track mosh pit inducing album packs a literal punch to any and all listeners who dare listen to this and if you do listen to it then you must really love your punk music and if that’s the case then you won’t be disappointed. All of “Low Life” has a brutal and very raw feel to it that a lot of the good punk bands out there constantly pull off because it sounds like the kind of stuff you hear guys play out of their garage in the early days of the band. Each and every one of these songs are less than 3 minutes long, but they all feel longer because of how good they sound and how long you want them to last so it never ends. And I’ve never been a huge punk fan but these last few albums have made me more aware of the genre and “Low Life” just reinforces my new faith in this genre even more. And the entirety of this album is brutal, raw, and hardcore as I’ve said but for the true punk fans out there it’s so much more because of how simply great this is as an album of that genre which will surely gain at least some fans after they hear this which is some of the finest punk music I’ve heard in my entire life.


LISTEN to the preview for “Low Life” on Bandcamp here.


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