Attic Prologue – From the Ashes EP

a0734601462_10 There’s metalcore and then there’s these friggin’ guys. As I’m sure you know, there’s quite a few genres out there in the metal-verse that end in “core”; namely metalcore, deathcore, powercore. Now I thought that Attic Prologue’s debut EP “From the Ashes” was more deathcore to begin with rather than metalcore, but as the album went on it became clear that this was metalcore but just a more harsh, raw, and unpolished version of it. Now this isn’t like Killswitch Engage if you’re one of those people who hear “metalcore” and just immediately think of Killswitch. This is a much more brutal sound and feel that Killswitch has never really done. Just the vocals from the first track of this album “The Hot Gates” prove my point without me having to say anything else because there isn’t anything else to say to argue against it! The guitars and the drums are also very hardcore because I don’t think that the album would sound the same if it were just the vocals that were taken to the max. And overall while this isn’t an album for everyone, it’s far from it as a lot of metal is, this is definitely a solid debut as a debut could be for a band like this. They may not have the biggest fan base, be the most popular, or play everyone’s favorite genre in their favorite style, but this is certainly the sign that this band can do so much more if they only really try for it.


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