Canker – Physical

a1313283626_10 I’ve never heard of Canker before, but Xtreem Music has recently put out a remastered reissue of the band’s debut album “Physical”, and I’ve no idea what the original must sound like but this edition sounds absolutely brutal on a scale that only the real hardcore death metal fans out there can understand without having to think about it. “Physical” I feel is a literal name because I feel like this could bring physical pain if there were enough insane metal heads in a concert and Canker played this album. That would be awesome, though, you can’t deny it. This entire album is probably and possibly a defining death metal album that all future great death metal bands can follow because of just simply how good they are and how intense they are for the entirety of the album. And some of the songs are moderate length, a few are short (less than 3 minutes), and one is over 10 minutes long. Now that just applies to the normal songs. The reissue of the album includes 11 demos from the 90’s that range from 4 minutes all the way to 11 minutes. Pretty damn lengthy if you ask me. But totally worth it because this is an album that is absolute essential for any hardcore death metal listener out there.


LISTEN to “Physical” on Bandcamp here.

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