Hombre Malo – Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath

01-LEntranger-mp3-image-1024x1024 I know some of you went “what the fuck” when you saw that cover because I certainly, but thankfully past this cover was an album that had both hardcore punk rock and hardcore black metal where the two seemed to have been thrown into a meat grinder and cemented together into one cohesive, brutal album that just went on and on. Now some might find that “on and on” factor to be unsavory, but those of you who can withstand sitting there and listening to each song for what they are can certainly find really good things in it that they may just happen to fall in love with. I will acknowledge the fact that while punk rock isn’t exactly my favorite kind of music, “Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath” has made it in a way that I was able to find it much more entertaining, and by that I mean Hombre Malo combined it with black metal and pulled it off. Everything during the album varied from a “calm” tone to a much more brutal tone and feel that you can literally feel coming after a while. And overall “Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath” did a very good job as both a punk rock album and a black metal album and I’ve no doubt in my mind that fans of only one of the two or both can find something to enjoy in this album. I certainly did, and you can too when the album comes out on November 14th.


LISTEN to Hombre Malo’s current released material via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hombre Malo on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hombremalo666


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