USNEA – Random Cosmic Violence

a1982275635_10 Doom metal. You should have an idea pop into your head when you hear that. If not, then you need to listen to more doom metal. And if you don’t listen to doom metal then you should listen to “Random Cosmic Violence” from USNEA. Don’t ask me what USNEA stands for because I don’t even know if it stands for anything at all so you’re fresh out of luck. No, I’m not saying that I believe that “Random Cosmic Violence” is “the best” doom metal album there is out so all you fan boys out there can calm yourselves down. But I will say that USNEA as created an album that can provide a smoother introduction for someone who has never ever heard of doom metal before and would want something to slide them easily into the genre, and it gets the job done pretty well. “Random Cosmic Violence” has the slow and “calm” notes that doom metal is renowned for, but there are other moments where the pace increases quite a bit and people who are more into the faster paced metal (hello!) can find something very enjoyable in these very long songs. And by “very long” I don’t mean 5 to 7 minutes. I’m talking about 12+ minute songs. Yeah, damn. Each of these songs have vocals that scream to no end and can go to low guttural voice that just reverberates through the ears along with the guitars and drums that have a simply demonic (not really!) sound to them. This entire album is basically catering to you true doom metal fans out there if you haven’t been able to tell already, so I suggest you listen to this when it comes out in November via Relapse Records.


BUY “Random Cosmic Violence” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to the track “Healing Through Death” via Bandcamp here now.

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