Toxoid – Aurora Satanae

a2642456218_10 Unbeknownst to me, India has a black metal scene that is on the rise. I was not told about this, and I’m beginning to wonder why, but that’s not the point today. The point is is that Toxoid is the latest black metal band to join the scene and while they may not be the absolute best in my opinion, they have the sound and brutality needed to climb the rankings pretty quick if given the chance. Toxoid has the harsh vocals that a lot of black metal and death metal bands and they’ve thrown them together into raspy and quick vocals that goes very well with the guitars that are more thrash metal more than anything in my book, and the same goes for the drums which have a devilishly fast beat to them that doesn’t want to end the entire album. And with “Aurora Satanae” stretching over a half hour long these songs won’t be leaving you any time soon and this vicious combination of Indian metal will leave you stunned as it did me.


LISTEN to “Aurora Satanae” on Bandcamp here.

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