Soulskinner – Crypts of Ancient Wisdom

a2166411717_10 I’m going to give you an equation. Don’t worry if you’re bad at math and you don’t even have to think about answering it.

Greek band + death/black/thrash metal + ancient theme = ???

Turns out that the answer to that equation is Soulskinner’s new album “Crypts of Ancient Wisdom” (told you you didn’t have to think about answering). And when I say this band did exceedingly well at molding death, black, and thrash metal together into one badass album I mean they did extremely well at it! This entire album front to back is absolutely hardcore and brutal with vocals so low that it was very hard to understand what they were saying, and I stopped trying to understand after about a minute because that is a lost cause, my friends. They sounded fantastic nonetheless, however. The same goes for the guitars and the drums which are both brutal to no end and give no signs of letting up the entire album. “Crypts of Ancient Wisdom” is such an album that I would suggest it any day and everyday to anyone who digs ancient-themed metal that is brutal and hardcore to every extent of the word. And this is Soulskinner’s third album so imagine what the first two are like . . .


LISTEN to “Crypts of Ancient Wisdom” on Bandcamp here.

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