Death Comes Pale – World Grave

a3940306355_10 I’m sure you can notice from the band name  . . . and the album title . . . and then the album cover that Death Comes Pale isn’t fucking around. This entire album is one death and black metal piece of work that is literally meant to (as the cover suggests) tear are your ear drums and envelope you in brutal metal that just doesn’t end with songs that range between three and a half minutes to almost eight minutes long! Damn. The vocals don’t give a moment’s rest along with the guitars that are absolutely brutal with the drums that are just raw as they can be and still retaining that harsh and yet good sounding rapid beat. And what I think is the best thing about the album is that on Bandcamp where it’s streamed, the price for “World Grave” digitally is $6.66 . . . not saying I support Satanism or that the band does, I’m just saying I thought it was funny and it made me chuckle; that’s all. With this album being as raw and straight up brutal as it is, I can say with almost utmost certainty that all you hardcore black/death metal lovers out there will certainly get more than your fair share of kicks of out “World Grave” for some time to come.


LISTEN to “World Grave” on Death Comes Pale’s Bandcamp page here.

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