Manhack – Dominicide

a3696569139_10 You know, I’ve seen quite a few artists out there use sound bits from outside sources to add a little something to their music, but I have to say that Manhack is the first that I’ve heard that uses sound bits from video games. These games are “Bioshock Infinite”, “Fallout: New Vegas”  and “Doom 3”, and if you know your video games then you know that they have plenty of good moments and Manhack takes those moments and throws them into an absolutely brutal album. “Dominicide” is an EP that is short and sweet. By sweet I mean completely hardcore to the bitter end and the term “enough” just simply wasn’t thought of when the band was creating this. The opening track “Constants” is the only “calm” moment during the whole album and it was solely used to create a feel for what you’re about to hear and what the EP is going to be album. “Dominicide” is an EP that blew me away and I’m sure it’ll impress many others out there who want a new band with a brutal sound that will definitely take them far because this is the kind of shit that legends are made of.


BUY “Dominicide” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Dominicide” via Manhack’s Bandcamp here.

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