Halahkuh – Breaking the Shackles (single)

a1858365308_10 Halahkuh’s latest song “Breaking the Shackles” is from their upcoming album to which I don’t know the name of. What, did you think it’s that easy? Well, it’s not. Sorry to burst your bubble. Anyway, this single really does an excellent job of throwing together death and thrash metal into one cohesive 5 minute and 36 second track that sounds like it’s meant to make your ears bleed (kidding). And I really like what one sentence reads on the Bandcamp page for this single. It reads, “this is a well-tempered Thrash/Death song laced with melodies while not eschewing the band’s trademark viciousness”. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate. Couldn’t have said it better myself either! If this is what Halahkuh’s next album will be like then I will happily raise my hand because everything about this one song makes me want to hear the album when it’s all finished and fabulous. The vocals were brutally amazing, the guitars were fast and had a sound to them that were absolutely raw and unrelenting, and the drums had an insanity all its with them beating endlessly for the entire duration of the song. Not only do I not know the name of the next album (yet), but I also don’t know when even the estimated release date is. So all you people (and, yes, me too) are left with just this single until then. However, you can listen to Halahkuh’s previous album “Desecration” via Bandcamp.


LISTEN to “Breaking the Shackles” through Halahkuh’s Bandcamp page here.

LIKE Halahkuh on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/halahkuh


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