Tongues – Thelésis Ignis

7e5531db-f0d1-42ee-92c4-cf6e6ef93e99 Most people think debut albums and think of pieces that are around 20 to even 40 minutes long with a good amount of tracks. But Tongues seems to have said “fuck that” and created their debut “Thelésis Ignis” as one with only four tracks but at a staggering length of 34 minutes and 35 seconds. Now that may not seem like much but you’ve gotta remember that that’s only four tracks, one of which is over ten minutes long. And the fact that all of them sound like properly done black, death, and doom metal songs makes the album all the more better because the good rhythm and flow persists through the entire album and doesn’t take a moment so slow down and give you a moment to recover your thoughts. The vocals have a deep and raspy sound that work extremely well with the guitars and drums so that’s awesome. I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with “Thelésis Ignis” other than it just felt like it dragged on for a little bit longer than I would’ve liked, but that’s just one minor result of me being little nit-picking ass. Either way, “Thelésis Ignis” was good and if you like death, black, and/or doom metal than I highly suggest this.


LISTEN to “Thelésis Ignis” :


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