The Apparition – In Ruins (single)

10157146_725043384198926_2354463539664410538_n As the debut single from The Apparition’s upcoming EP “Glass Eyes”, “In Ruins” is what the band said that they “created this EP to show what we have been working and the direction of the band and for bigger things to come.” That’s as good a reason as any for me! And this new EP is shaping up to be a good one judging from how “In Ruins” is (here’s a secret : it’s pretty fucking good). The single is definitely a combination of death metal and thrash metal with the vocals having a deep tone to them and everything else being fast paced that’ll make all you fans out there head bang like no tomorrow if you dig what you’re listening to. The EP “Glass Eyes” only contains three songs so we’ve already heard a third of the content from their new release so it doesn’t leave much to the imagination (for me at least), but this single definitely shows that those two songs will most likely kick ass. The EP drops on October 29th on, but don’t try to listen to the single there because their last album is still on their (still a good album from my memory).


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