Disabler – Aggressive Negativity EP

a2696217942_10 This EP from Disabler is one aggressive album (shocker) that is totally raw to the core and beyond with “Aggressive Negativity” being exactly what it the name says it is : destructive punk that doesn’t end. The pure rage that Disabler puts into this EP is reinforced with the very dark theme that the album is obviously heavily influenced by punk music which gives the album a very hardcore edgy sound that Disabler delivers without a single flaw. I bet “Aggressive Negativity” is an essential album for any of you metal goers who enjoy those bands who sound like they play out of their garages because they love that spice of punk, and Disabler gives us just that with this EP.


LISTEN to “Aggressive Negativity” : https://disabler.bandcamp.com/album/aggressive-negativity

LIKE Disabler on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/disabler780


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