Decapitated – Blood Mantra

decapitated-bloodmantra With this being the first Decapitated album in 3 years, I’m sure the fans were hoping for something amazing. Now while I’ve never heard Decapitated before I imagine that you life long fans will not be disappointed with “Blood Mantra”. This album is absolutely infused with thrashy death metal that sounds amazingly brutal in every way imaginable. The vocals are deep with lyrics that have a very dark theme to theme along with the guitars that back them up by being heavy and unrelenting with the drums that are great at having a hardcore blood thirsty pace. And like I said – those of you who are Decapitated fans and are skeptical about “Blood Mantra”, don’t worry because this album won’t let you down at all if you’re looking for absolutely raw and dark death metal. Those of you who haven’t heard Decapitated before. . . well. . . I think you should have enough incentive to go listen to them now.


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