Pantokrator – Incarnate

Pantokrator_Incarnate_cover Pantokrator’s latest album “Incarnate” is an album that I liked very much. It has aspects of a very good death metal band but then Pantokrator decides to add in some special spice of their own to the mix which isn’t a bad thing in any way. My favorite example of this is the track “Icarus Burning” because in the beginning it has awesome riffs that sound amazing and then they lead into the vocals coming in with their edgy and brutal tone that goes perfectly with the guitars. And the chorus is absolutely flawless. The rest of “Incarnate” doesn’t scale up to the fantasicness as a whole compared to that one song, but overall the album is still really really good. I don’t care who you are. It’s good. And with this being Pantokrator’s debut album, it makes me salivate for what else the band can make up for a sophomore album. I’ve no doubt it’d be as good if not better than “Incarnate”.

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