Forcefed Horsehead – Deux

IMG_1238.PNG As I’m sure you can tell from the band name and album cover alone, Forcefed Horsehead isn’t fucking around. The Norwegian death metal band is a brutal one that holds nothing back. They have a very raw everything to them that really brings out their brutality which is evident is every single aspect of their sophomore album “Deux”. Before listening to the album, I decided to look at the track listing and see what I was getting myself into. I honestly laughed when I saw the last track name which is titled “Cock Lightning” because of how random and out there it was. It was a good song, don’t get me wrong. Hell, the whole album was good! The album is roughly 26 minutes long so it doesn’t last as long as someone might want it to, but each songs leaves and impact that gets you ready for the next track which is almost always as hardcore as the previous. My favorite song by far is “Bloodshine” because it has amazing riffs and a very catchy sound to it (for a death metal song) that sounded really intriguing to the point that I wanted to listen to it again after it ended. That’s what a good song is supposed to do. Make you want to replay it and blow out your ear drums in the process.


BUY “Deux” on iTunes in it’s entirety here.

LISTEN to “Deux” :

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