Solitary Sabred – Redemption Through Force

PromoImage (3) I’m gonna say two band names and you’re going to have an image for each. Manowar, and HammerFall. Got the images? Now, image smashing those two together and throw in a theme of medieval times and you’ve gotten yourself Solitary Sabred’s upcoming sophomore album “Redemption Through Force”. This Cypriot (they’re from Cyprus) band does an amazing job of going back to the time during the 80s when metal was at its best, and Solitary Sabred chose to draw from the power metal from that era and have that influence their music which turned out to sound like something that came form the 80s but with a few modern twists, of course. The vocals have that high pitched voice at times that sounds a lot like the ones from Manowar, and they also sometimes have a more hoarse tone that gives them a really good sounding edge that goes great along with the guitars that pull off great riffs and notes with the drums that do just as amazing of a job. “Redemption Through Force” also does a great job of using breaks in the album for atmospheric use like with how “Ressurectio Animi” is a purely instrumental track that is quick but it uses the sound to build actual tension for the next song which I really liked. This album is certainly one to look forward to if you’re a power metal or even epic metal fan, and I’ll post a link to a video for the first two tracks via YouTube below to see whether or not you should get excited for the world wide release on October 7th.


LISTEN to the first two tracks on YouTube here.

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