Myrkur (self-titled)

a0163643998_2 This is probably, by far, the best one-man band I’ve ever heard. Except in this case this is a one-woman band. Yes indeed, Myrkur is a band consisting of only a single woman and a very talented one at that. “Myrkur” contains many elements of black metal and yet very atmospheric sounds that really help give the songs a very serene feel to them until the metal comes along and tears it up like all good black metal musicians do. There aren’t any conventional vocals either. By “conventional” I mean that there are vocals, but not lyrics, and what I’m saying is that there are a choir of women that sing but just for ambient noise that sounds beautiful. And like I said, when the black metal kicks in it absolutely kicks ass with having great sound to it that all black metal fans can get into and enjoy if they can either enjoy or get past the choir of women and the non-black-metal parts of the album. But whatever you like, if you can enjoy the use of atmospheric music mixed with metal than I highly suggest this album because it is beautiful and rough at the same damn time.


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