Cannibal Corpse – A Skeletal Domain

CannibalCorpseASkeletalDomain I’m just going to skip all the bullshit I usually say and get right to the chase. “A Skeletal Domain” is fucking amazing. That’s it. No other way to put it, say it, and no way to convince me otherwise. Cannibal Corpse have done it before and they have done it again. And this time with another brutally raw album that has very aggressive everything. From the get-go “A Skeletal Domain” has the very essence of hatred and blind fury in its sound that all the hardcore fans of this band and this music will no doubt enjoy as many already have. Even the fucking cover is embedded with violent rage and it’s magnificent. I know that some people were skeptical about this album (for what reasons I’ll never know), but I can say with 100% confidence that those of you who are still have nothing to worry about because “A Skeletal Domain” does not disappoint. It is probably my new favorite album by Cannibal Corpse now and I’ve no doubt that this is not the end of amazing albums by them.

You can buy “A Skeletal Domain” via iTunes here, and follow Cannibal Corpse for new about the new album and touring from their Facebook and Twitter.

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