Gentrification – Deviance

GN_Deviance_Cover German metal! I know. . . the first band that (usually) comes to your mind is Rammstein. Now while Rammstein are considered the leading band for all German metal groups, that definitely does not mean there are bands that can’t challenge Rammstein for best German metal band. And right here is an excellent candidate for that is no other than Gentrification. Their debut album “Deviance” is an amazing work of death and thrash metal that basically had a kid and that kid was “Deviance”.

While this album is over all a hardcore mixture of those two genres, the band thought to put a 46 second instrumental song smack dab in the middle called “Aspiration”. The track isn’t fast or death/thrash metal, but it’s a more calm and slower song compared to the others that all have a theme of issues that cause ripples among societies such as the NSA wiretapping scandal and cyber terrorism. As anyone who constantly reads my reviews knows for a fact that I think instrumentals in the middle of albums such as these are pure fucking genius, and Gentrification doesn’t let me down.

Aside from the “Aspiration” track, the rest of the album didn’t disappoint someone like me who loves death and thrash metal and the combining of the two even more especially when it’s pulled off in ways like this. The last time that there was such a good combining of death and thrash would have to be Wretched’s “Cannibal”. Now, “Cannibal” was on a much much more higher scale (in my opinion) than what “Deviance” is, but that doesn’t mean “Deviance” is any less good. (If you haven’t heard “Cannibal” at all then go here which is Wretched’s very short song “Gold Above Me” from the album). Everything from and about “Deviance” is solidifying proof that Gentrification has taken the best aspects from the best death and thrash metal bands and implemented them into their own sound that ended up being fucking great.

The vocals have that very raspy sound that I can’t place unto one popular death metal band alone because we all know what it sounds like (“all” meaning people who listen to death metal extensively), but for a reference let’s just say they sound like the vocals from Hate Division’s “Order of the Enslaved” (because they do). They have a great sound to them even when having the same kind of raspy feel when singing in a more calm voice like in the track “For Greater Say” which shows that the vocalist can be very versatile in what kinds of tones he sings in. The guitars and bass also have amazing rhythm and have that real fast pace that is the legitimate definition of “thrash metal”. The drums also have that classic thrash metal sound and feel to them by having fast paced moments and have a sound to the “tap” that I really really enjoyed especially for this kind of metal.

Gentrification produced, wrote, and handled the sales of “Deviance” all by themselves as an unsigned band, so give them a helping hand if you like them and give them the support they need to continue making great albums like “Deviance”. You can do this by going right below and going to the band’s bandcamp page and either listen to “Deviance”, purchase it, or hell even both! Why not! If Gentrification can handles being an unsigned band and still put out amazing metal like this then more power to them I say!


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