Aphyxion – Earth Entangled

10390987_10152271950077561_8925228313270887432_n As Aphyxion’s second album to release, “Earth Entangled” is by no means a push over. And as the cover art might suggest, the album is one that will surely get a lot of people into a mosh pit if they heard this at a concert. Everything is ultimately very good sounding death metal. The vocals are of course very deep and are brutally raw in that they always have a constant harshness that never ends as long as they’re present along with the guitars that are just heavy as all hell. And the drums have a hardcore beat and relentless rhythm all throughout the album. If “Earth Entangled” is not all that Aphyxion can manage to do (which I imagine it’s not at all) then I’m sure that they can put out other amazing albums like this who absolutely love this kind of metal like I do. I highly suggest this album any day of the week.


BUY “Earth Entangled” on iTunes : http://goo.gl/ln03KK

LISTEN to “Earth Entangled” : http://tinyurl.com/k3hw37o

LIKE Aphyxion on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/aphyxion

FOLLOW Aphyxion on Twitter : @APHYXION

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