Despite – EPic

IMG_1182.JPG “EPic” was a killer of an album. I’m sure someone could’ve told by the cover which I absolutely love, it’s amazing. Being Despite’s second release it really blew me away. While I haven’t heard their first release (yet), I can tell already that they were either this good from the start or got much better over time because these types of albums don’t happen on a normal basis. The EP was a very well done energetic metal album that is classified as death metal on their bandcamp page . . . I don’t think I would personally call this death metal but whatever works because this shit is awesome. Especially the beginning track “As You Bleed” and the ending track “Sanctum Falls” which are fucking great. The vocals have a really harsh tone that can change from whatever kind of metal this is to the really really good hard rock vocals that everyone likes. The guitars are constantly brutal and I love it. They give “EPic” its name by keeping up an amazing sound and being heavier than all hell that I cannot help but find to be done masterfully. Same goes for the drums that keep up a great pace and beat throughout the entire album while keeping the energy up and going the entire time. “EPic” is certainly one to check out if you like the truly heavier end of metal. . . you just can’t go wrong with Despite right now you really can’t.


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