Matty Trash And the Horrorbles – Part 2: The Decay

MTATH_P2_itunes_cover I know that band name doesn’t sound the best, but believe me when I say this is good music. When I was emailed by Matty Trash himself he said that they were an Australian horror metal band. First, Australia for metal music all the way! Second, I didn’t really find the “horror” in this that I was told about. To me horror metal is the kind of stuff Zombie Death Stench comes up with. But I’ll go with it. “Part 2: The Decay” is a nice short EP that has a really nice rhythm and beat to the songs. The band sort of reminded me of Powerman 5000 in a way, but without as much techno influence. If you know that band you know what I’m talking about. Everything has a nice balance in that nothing really overpowers anything by drowning it out or sounding more badass in any way. But that’s just my opinion. “Part 2: The Decay” is a solid EP for a horror metal band and I’m sure whatever else they can come up with will not be any sort of push over. And also as a side note, “Repent Your Sins” from this sounded like “This Moment” by Disturbed in the beginning a little so I really liked that.


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