Soulnerve – The Dying Light

a3398193539_2 If melodic thrash metal wasn’t a thing before it certainly is now. Best part about how Soulnerve has created this new combo genre is that I thought that the thrash would be good because I love thrash metal, but I’m usually not amazed by melodic metal but when Soulnerve combined the two. . . my brain. . . melted. It sounded so good. I just cannot tell you how fucking good it sounds! I’m just really sad now because you can’t buy it off of iTunes or listen to it on Spotify, and I’m very tempted to buy the CD copy from the band’s bandcamp site.

The vocals are certainly rooted in melodic but they have a definitive metalcore sound to them as well which just makes me all the more amazed because just the fact that Soulnerve has managed to combine all of these unique sub-genres and mold them flawlessly together into something fantastic is worthy of all the kings of every metal genre ever. And the guitars are just the same (and the drums of course) with being a perfect combo of all these genres that are very diverse and different.

“The Dying Light” is now on the list of albums that have made me shit my pants multiple times (metaphorically of course), and that’s a very thin list. And this is they’re debut album, too. Debut. That almost never happens! If Soulnerve keeps this up I imagine they could go so far as to be the next Slipknot, the next Avenged Sevenfold, the next Disturbed, who the fuck knows?! As long as they can keep making albums like this then they will be available on iTunes and Spotify in no time and everyone can buy this fantastic music. If you want to understand what the fuck I’m talking about then click the bandcamp link below to listen to “The Dying Light” for free and for their Facebook and Twitter accounts which I highly recommend you showing them as much support as possible.


BUY/LISTEN to “The Dying Light” :

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