Free Ride – Venture

5a7e0fe9d7ecc79fb4f90124f4a876cb When I was told about Free Ride and their first full length “Venture”, I was also told that the band was from Croatia. The guy who suggested Free Ride asked me to do this because he thought that the band was very good and deserved more promotion since Croatia is a small country and not many people are easily informed of Croatian bands, and I was happy to help. I was even more happy to help when I heard “Venture”. The album has a really solid sound to it as metalcore with the vocals doing very well with different pitches and volumes making each track sound all the more better. The guitars have great rhythm throughout the album along with the drums that have a good pace and beat the entire time. I can’t say much more because that’s really all there is to “Venture” other than the tone which does a really good job of being ever present and not leaving for one second. “Venture” is available to be bought through the link down below along with the band’s various social media links. Help me out and Metalcore Community (who asked me to do this review) spread the word about Free Ride.


BUY “Venture” :

LISTEN to “Venture” :

LIKE Free Ride on Facebook :


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