Digitalife – Nemesis

IMG_1171.PNG Despite all the song names being in English all the songs are sung in Spanish. At least I think it’s Spanish. But there’s nothing wrong with that; I’ve done reviews for albums that were 100% Spanish. So unfortunately I can’t take the lyrics themselves as a factor for this review (since I can’t understand them) but I can take the tone of the vocals instead which works just as well. While everything about this album definitely falls under the metalcore genre including the vocals, guitars, drums, and tone of the vocals, there was also a noticeable techno influence. Now I myself am not very keen to techno music but it certainly has its better moments. Thankfully “Nemesis” didn’t take the techno to a scale that I’ve heard elsewhere that I cannot listen to no matter how hard I try. They kept the metal and techno balanced and that gave the music a different sound to it with guitars in the front and small electronic sounding pulses in the back, but metal is the most prominent of the two throughout the album to me. Everything else though had a good sound and while they could use some tweaking they also did well enough that they were okay to listen to. If you like techno or even techno-infused metal then “Nemesis” comes out on September 9th everywhere, and you can listen to the album’s namesake on YouTube below.


LISTEN to the track “Nemesis” :

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