Provoke, Destroy – Vulture

rtyujtuaeau “Vulture” is a nice album that is more post-hardcore than metalcore in my opinion but there is a subtle influence of metalcore in the songs and that gives them a nice sound that a lot of people can enjoy. The album was probably the heaviest at “Li(f)e Support” which was my favorite track because it was done really really well. Throughout all the songs the vocals went from a real nice post-hardcore metal voice to another that are very common among metalcore that if you listen to it enough you should know what I’m talking about (there’s nothing wrong with those vocals). The guitars have a really nice sounding rhythm in each song while pulling off some good riffs and having a brutal tone that just sounds awesome. And the drums have a good pace and beat to them that really help the rest of the band have a nice tempo through each song and that allows everything to stay in sync which always helps. “Vulture” was an overall good album for someone like me who likes all types of music, especially metal, but this should be even better for real hardcore fans of metalcore and/or post-hardcore. If you’re the latter of those two then I highly recommend this.


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