In Search of Sun – The World Is Yours

IMG_1159.PNG In Search of Sun’s upcoming album “The World Is Yours” is a really nice sounding album that bounces between the metal and rock genres and that gives it a really interesting sound that I know a lot of people (including myself) can enjoy no matter what as long as it sounds right. And this album definitely sounded right. The vocals have a sound that you just can’t go wrong with no matter what genre you prefer because those are the kind that are universally listened to by everyone. They have a very smooth sound to them that’s also rhythmic in a way that compliments each song to no end along with the guitars that also have a great rhythm to them and are in sync with the lyrics so that just makes the songs sound all the more better. And the drums have a good beat all through “The World Is Yours” and the steady pace they have the entire time sounds really good. “The World Is Yours” releases on September 1st in Europe and October 7th everywhere else, and it’s surely an album to check out.


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