Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now

Upon_a_Burning_Body_-_The_World_Is_My_Enemy_Now Upon A Burning Body’s third studio album is definitely a good sounding piece of deathcore that I’m sure the fans of the band and of the genre can agree that it’s a good addition. The album is quite heavy and everything the band does helps in every sort of way. The vocals have a real hatred to them and a frustration that can be heard through the lyrics and the brutal style that they’re sung in. The guitars have amazing rhythm throughout all of “The World Is My Enemy Now” in that they can go from heavy and slow to a really fast paced sound that I’m sure will get the head-bangers going in a moment. And the drums go absolutely hardcore but keep a great sound that I really liked and I know many others will, too. The one thing that kind of threw me off about the album was half way through all this deathcore and metal, they decided to throw in a 1 minute 47 second track that is just a Mexican themed guitar and not much else. Not saying that it was bad or stupid, just that I didn’t see it coming at all. “The World Is My Enemy Now” is certainly a good, great even, piece of metal that sounded really good and I’ve no doubt the throngs of fans this band has already gotten will just get bigger and there’s a good reason why.


BUY “The World Is My Enemy Now” on iTunes : http://smarturl.it/iTunes-UABB

LISTEN to “The World Is My Enemy Now” on YouTube : http://tinyurl.com/mc7o2u9

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