Lost In A Name – A Silence In Static

asis-cover Sometimes less really is more. When I read in an email that Lost In A Name was a 2-man group you can only imagine how much that made my head turn. I’ve done a review for a one man band so this wasn’t as odd sounding as that but it still sounded odd nonetheless. “A Silence In Static” doesn’t hit the shelves until September but I was allowed to listen to the album thanks to the band’s manager with whom I’ve worked with before. And the sophomore album for Lost In A Name is not a push over either for anyone into their music. Of course if you’re not into it you’re not but you should definitely give this album a shot or two. Never know. Anyway, this album had a very nice flow to it with there only being one guitarist beside a drummer and they both have a great unity and that gives the songs an amazing sound to them that are very catchy and the lyrics are as truthful as they come. The guitars do a great job and while the album has a cover of “Come Together” in it I would still prefer the original but Lost In A Name puts a very nice and interesting twist on the song and makes it more edgy and more hard rock/metal edge to it. The entire album sounds nice with good drums, guitar, vocals, and rhythm that I encourage any hard rock lover to go check out their work “The Chorus Gives Us Reason” that is available on their website (link below as always). Once again, “A Silence In Static” releases in September and I highly recommend checking it out.


LISTEN to Lost In A Name’s “The Chorus Gives Us Reason” : http://lostinaname.com/home

LIKE Lost In A Name on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/lostinaname

FOLLOW Lost In A Name on Twitter : @lostinaname


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