Ominous (band)

10525889_10152344775299332_3092494805162702330_n (1) From what I could find, Ominous doesn’t have any form out in the form of an album until the 30th of this month (for Americans at least). But Ominous did inform me about a music player on Facebook that takes their songs from and allows them to be played on Facebook. Which is fine by me in any case as long as I’m able to actually hear the music. Since Ominous doesn’t have an official album out yet, I’ll just talk about their 5 songs that are available. And in all honesty I cannot place whether Ominous is sludge metal or death metal, but since their bio says death. . .  I’m gonna go with death. The vocals have a very deep, guttural sound that is normal for death metal bands and the lyrics are very brutal and leave absolute destruction in their wake. The guitars are likely as hardcore and brutal through every song and that makes each and every one an absolutely unforgiving piece of death that will infect every single cell of your ear with its metal. And the drums pound along with the rest of the band with its relentless and harsh beat that goes on no matter what. If Ominous’ full album will be like this then I’m sure that it won’t disappoint anyone who appreciates some good ass death metal.


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