RetConStruct – Denizens of the Depths

20140729-193846-70726555.jpg I’ve never really like symphonic metal. Never really appealed to me. RetConStruct’s “Denizens of the Depths” was okay in my opinion, which is better than literally 90% of any symphonic metal I’ve listened to so these guys got the better end of the deal. Everything about this album was alright to me, nothing was amazing but nothing was bad either. The vocals had a nice sound to them being smooth flowing and have a good tone throughout the entire album. The guitars had an alright rhythm in each track and had a tone that went well with the lyrics that matched the tone of the guitars. And the drums had a nice, constant beat that gave “Denizens of the Depths” a beat that anyone could tap their foot to if they like what they hear. Again, symphonic metal isn’t my most favored form of metal and it usually doesn’t do well in my eyes, but RetConStruct has done an a-okay job with this album.


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